……Taken from the debut album Trust, released on Houndstooth 10th November 2014. Order via Houndstooth: your copy from iTunes: to the album on Spotify: / Print: / Radio: One of the online underground’s best-kept secrets, 18+ have garnered acclaim with a trilogy of mixtapes, leading to commissions by Prada and the Venice Biennale. Blending lyrical themes of sexual ambiguity, anonymity, voyeurism and fantasy in the digital era with a minimal, yet catchy electronic hip-hop-meets-R&B aesthetic, their intrigue is deepened by how little is known about this US boy-girl duo. As 18+ prepare to emerge from the recesses of the internet, their first commercial release drops on Houndstooth.… ON YOUTUBE:…Follow Houndstooth:http://www.houndstoothlabel.com…

happy wheels 2 demo



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