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Vote for the Worst of the Worst every Friday:http://www.sportscenter.comESPN SportsCenters Not Top Ten for October 02, 201510. The turf catches fire at the Edward Jones Dome.09. The Astros Evan Gattis puts so much into his swing, he falls over and the dugout laughs at him.08. Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph fumbles the ball while trying to throw, giving a Texas defensive touchdown.07. A Cincinnati band member falls flat on his face while running out onto the field.06. During the Minnesota Vikings interception return, the coaching staff blocks the sideline knocking over the sprinting referee.05. The fan at the Yankees game had multiple opportunities to catch a ball and he flubbed every attempt while his girl laughs at him.04. Arsenal keeper David Ospina gives up an own goal when he defended the ball, then dropped it behind the line. Oops.03. I dont know what the Texas Tech center was thinking when he snapped the football. Clearly no one was ready for that.02. Darrion Caldwell celebrates his victory by doing a backflip off the cage into the camera woman.01. Brandon Marshall catches the pass and decided that the best course of action was to lateral the ball to an unsuspecting team mate. The Philadelphia Eagles agree with his decision.WORST OF THE WORST: Goalie Javier Caso throws the ball to clear it, but didnt realize the opponent was RIGHT in front of him. The ball bounces off his head and back into the goal.

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