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Vote for the Worst of the Worst every Friday:http://www.sportscenter.comESPN SportsCenters Not Top Ten for October 09, 201510. ESPN anchors Jay Harris and Kevin Connors get caught on camera doing what they do OFF camera.09. The Brewers Jean Segura makes the great stop, then tries to throw to first when the Cubs Dexter Fowler is in the way.08. The Texans Elvis Andrus tries to steal second, but a little too much momentum caused him to be out.07. Marco Andreolli tries to clear the ball, but ends up kicking it right into his team mate Steven NZonzis face.06. Pittsburgh first baseman Pedro Álvarez loses grip on the ball mid throw.05. Baylor tight end (?!) LaQuan McGowan cant seem to fit into his shoulder pads.04. TCU running back Aaron Green takes the hand off and if then taken down by his own team mate, JaJuan Story.03. Washington State on the upset alert and they fail miserably on the fake punt giving up the touchdown.02. And we are back to the missed dunk of the week. This week its Vince Carter!01. Harry Kane pulls off one of the most amazing corner kicks youll ever see. Unfortunately it was an own goal.WORST OF THE WORST: Goalie Javier Caso throws the ball to clear it, but didnt realize the opponent was RIGHT in front of him. The ball bounces off his head and back into the goal.

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