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It started out as just waiting for an iPhone and turned into so much more…. I know many of you might think this is insane, but it was a pretty amazing experience meeting so many awesome people the past two days. From the ones waiting in line, talking to confused people walking by, making new supportive friends who brought us drinks/snacks.. our long time friends JB and Ed who had to work during the day but stayed with us to make sure we were safe.. to meeting Cody, hearing his story and being able to get him a new iPhone 6 too! Ill be posting a video soon telling you about the charity him and his mom started. Im auctioning off my old iPhone on eBay and the money will go to the http://napacenter.org — look for that soon, but for now.. enjoy just a piece of the 55 hours we spent hanging out in front of the Apple Store. Some of the things you DIDNT see in this video were a of people who actually do live on the street every day. Hearing some of their heartbreaking stories while we are all sitting here waiting for an iPhone was so painful to the point that I hated myself for even being there. We always made sure we had extra food, water, and snacks to share with them. At the end of our trip, we gave some of them our camping supplies we used during our stay.Thumbnail photo from this LA Times article: http://framework.latimes.com/2014/09/…SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c…**READ MY BLOG:http://ijustine.comiJUSTINE TSHIRTS!http://ijustine.spreadshirt.comSOCIAL NETWORKSgoogle+ : http://google.com/+ijustinetumblr : http://ijustine.tumblr.comtwitter : http://twitter.com/ijustinefacebook : http://facebook.com/ijustineinstagram : http://instagram.com/ijustinevine: ijustineASK ME QUESTIONS:http://ijustine.fanbridge.com/fan_que…MY YOUTUBE CHANNELS:http://youtube.com/ijustinehttp://youtube.com/otherijustinehttp://youtube.com/ijustinegaming**

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