Today on Eggys Playground we open a Ni Hao Kai Lan Surprise Egg filled with lots of fun surprise eggs & toys! Lets Get Crackin!Welcome to Eggy’s Playground. We make videos for children of all ages. We have educational videos for toddlers and younger kids, teaching letters, numbers, shapes, sizes, colors, and basic Spanish. We also open small & GIANT Play Doh Surprise Eggs modeled after all of your favorite Disney and kids characters. These eggs are filled with lots of fun blind bags, themed surprise eggs, and Kinder toys. If you enjoy what you see, please click the “LIKE” button and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE.Do you enjoy making things with Play Doh or other types of modeling clay? Maybe youve tried building with plastiline or plasticina? How about plasticine or plastilina? Have you ever had fun playing with Softee Dough or Moon Dough?Kids like to play with Play Dough all around the world. There are lots of ways to say Playdoh. If you speak Spanish, you may know it as “plastilina.” If you lived in Poland, you might call it Ciastolina. If you speak Portuguese, you might call it Massinha. If you speak Korean, you might know it as 플레이 도우. If you live in Germany, you may call it Knetmasse. If you speak Persian, you would call it “خمیر بازی.” In France, it’s pronounced pâte à modeler.Children also like to open Surprise Eggs all over the world too. Do you know how to say surprise eggs in different languages? In French it’s: oeufs surprise. In Arabic it’s: البيض مفاجأة. In Portuguese it’s: ovo surpresa. In Chinese it’s: 出奇蛋. In Hebrew it’s: ביצי הפתעה. In Italian it’s: uovo sorpresa. In Japanese it’s: 卵の驚き. In German it’s: Ei Überraschung. In Korean it’s: 계란 깜짝. In Russian it’s: яйцо сюрприз. In Spanish it’s: huevo sorpresa.Music by Kevin MacLeod and YouTube

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