Канал: Matteo Bertoli Filmmaker

https://www.matteobertoli.mehttps://www.facebook.com/matteobertol…A quick 4k video test shot on the brand new iPhone 6s Plus. To watch it in 4K for a better experience.I dont think iPhone 6s Plus can replace my Blackmagic camera of course. This is just a test to see how far I can push this PHONE. Keep in mind guys: this is a PHONE, not a camera. And as a PHONE, the footage has impressed me.Shot on iPhone 6s PlusEdited in Premiere ProGraded in DaVinci ResolveNative camera app and Filmic Pro4k 25fpsMusic: Its only mourning by Kai Engel (https://www.kai-engles.com)

happy wheels 2 demo




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