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JACKUNZEL X MERICCUP SHIPS MOVIE!! CANT STAND IT,LEAVE IT!Request and finally turning to the real one it may not from the original studios..but i will make it for sure! Sorry for my messy trailer works i was rush to finishing my other works! About the release date.. i may uploaded this year on next year (2016)..Enjoy~Story :All the big four living on Dunbroch Kingdom for celebration for Hiccup and Merida marriage(dont judge me it was my imagination) Meanwhile living for few days having fun on the island,Merida start feeling lonely with Hiccup no longer having much time with her which set their s fight between each other and hiccup run away from the castle (Sulking from Meridas behavior) to make peace with his old enemy (Dragoo).When hiccup was flying around with toothless without aware Dark jack was kidnap hiccup with Dragoos dragon army and bring him to dragoo.(To kill enemies who in his way) Beside hiccup Astrid and the gang including ERET was captured by other dragoos comrades.Hiccup trying to making sense about the peace to dragoo but he refuse by trying to kill eret which lead hiccup threw his Fire sword.Anna was cursed by elsa (When elsa get a nightmare which started by Dark Jack,He trying to make Elsa bring harm to herself but Snowflakes Jack was give to her able protect her but unfortenely the power ice was hit to annas heart.Rapunzel know with her magical power she cant heal anna but it can give anna little strength to keep stay alive.With dissapearance of hiccup Stoick trying to search hiccup and found the helmet/Mask of hiccup..and trying to calm down merida by tell her.. that hiccup is dead.Merida run aways with her horse and crack down to the Islands cursed place which maker her find Pitch Blacks place by following will-o-the-wisps appear infront her when she gotta threwd by Angus (hers horse).Dragoo and other attack Meridas castle and make their split running go to the woods..and fate always gonna be with them because in fast their meet each other on Cursed place and surround by Dragoos army and other. Ending?.. nah.. i will tell them soon!Rise Of The Big Four Official (2014) Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVHjh… Trailer 2 (2015) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCtZ4…Frozen Child Main Trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lf9Vv…Trailer 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3fSr…Footage :Tinkerbell (2008) ,Rise Of The Guardians,Tangled,Frozen,The Croods,Brave and How To Train Your DragonProgram used : Sony vegas Pro 12 and Adobe Photoshop CS 6CREDITS : SOEURAKAX(Rapunzel singing on dreams clouds)

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